Commuting by bike even when it’s raining

There’s no such thing as bad weather for bike commuters

Imagine you’ve made up your mind to cycle to work tomorrow. You’re motivated and already looking forward to an enjoyable ride with the sun shining and blue skies. The morning after, you’re woken up by huge blobs of rain battering against your window. The sky is grey, the clouds fat with rain: Zeus the weather god is sulking and your plans have literally trickled down the drain. So what now? Leave your bike in the garage and go for the dry option, in other words, your car?

But what about trying a couple of tricks to taunt Zeus? How does that sound? So you can climb onto your bike anyway and enjoy the ride even if the sun isn’t smiling down on you?

Here are four tricks for commuting by bike even in bad weather

1. Fuel for commuters: a healthy breakfast 
If you want to commute by bike, whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast. And that rule especially applies in bad weather. With biting temperatures and extreme weather conditions, your body needs energy to keep warm. So, scramble three eggs in a frying pan, mix a bit of healthy muesli with some fruit or grab some wholemeal bread with fresh preserve. Add a hot tea and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you’ve already taken your first step to braving your bike ride to the office in the warmest, driest way possible.

2. Green Commuting when it’s raining: the right gear 
You can eat all the breakfast you like, but if you get on your bike in a bikini or swimming trunks, you’re unlikely to reach your workplace dry. The right gear is key. Most importantly, you can’t possibly do without a rain jacket. You should be able to access this swiftly to keep as dry as possible if there’s a sudden downpour. With its JACPACK waterproof jacket , FOR.BICY has made sure that the rain is no longer your enemy. Combined with the JACPACK backpack, you’ll be able to extract the jacket and put it on in just a few seconds. It’s innovative, but above all trendy! With this backpack and its built-in jacket, you’ll be able to brave the rain and the ride, reaching work dry.

3. A must-have for commuters: a change of clothes! 
Regardless of how dry your clothes stay with the right gear, never forget a change of clothes! Always have a second pair of  socks  and a change of underwear to hand. But be warned: don’t just put your wet clothes in your backpack after getting changed; hang them up in a dry area during the day.

4. Plan your route in advance 
Even the route plays a key role in how exposed you actually are to the rain. Have a think: are there any alternative routes to your usual one, like tunnels or woods that could give you shelter?

No more excuses with these tips. Commute by bike with ease in almost all weather conditions and reach the office dry.

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