Urban Cycling for commuters – five tricks to arrive effortlessly

Five tips for getting to work looking impeccable even when cycling

The cool morning breeze, the traffic jam-free journey home at the end of the day, exercise in the great outdoors. Cycling to work makes your day fantastic. So how can you maximise the positive effects and optimize your daily cycling routine?

1. Fuel for cyclists: breakfast
Kick-start your day with energy. Here are five breakfast ideas that will give you just the boost you need for your morning bike ride:

- Oatmeal with spelt flakes and fresh fruit
- Scrambled eggs with salmon and spinach
- Greek yoghurt with blueberries and coconut flakes
- Wholemeal bread and jam 
- Fresh fruit smoothie (banana, fruits of the forest, spinach, etc.)

2. Appropriate gear
Too tight, flappy in the wind, non-breathable, uncomfortable. The wrong gear can have a massive impact on bike journeys. With the right gear you no longer have an excuse not to cycle to work, you’ll be so comfortable: the perfect bike, suitable footwear, comfy socks and, most importantly, trousers that not only fit perfectly but feature good padding, too. So you can even tackle long rides, barely feeling the bike’s saddle. For.Bicy boxer shorts  are especially designed for this purpose: the removable gel pad ensures utmost comfort.

3. A healthy lunch in your backpack
Breakfast isn’t the only important thing to consider in the morning. Before leaving the house and jumping onto the saddle, be sure to whip up a suitable lunch to keep your energy levels topped up for the journey home. You should eat healthy snacks during the working day, such as dried or fresh fruit. At lunch you can eat wholemeal carbs, protein and natural fats to your heart’s content: with these foods for lunch, nothing will stand in the way of your perfect day. Make sure you always drink enough liquids, too: you should be drinking up to 2-3 litres of water or tea during the day. With a bottle cage fixed to your bike you can reach for your bottle on the go, too: liquid intake is important, especially on hot summer days.

To arrange your packed lunch and water bottle you need the perfect backpack, one that’s properly designed for cycling. Waterproof, handy and lightweight: you’ll be ready to brave bike rides with this backpack.

4. Check the weather
Are you taking a rain jacket today or diving out the door in shorts? Check the weather report in the morning and you’ll almost always be prepared for anything. But don’t panic if the weather forecaster predicts wind and rain: not even the bad weather will be your enemy with these products

5. Check the mirror 
One thing you should never forget before getting on your bike: check your style. “Does it suit me?”, “Should I revamp my style?”, “Do the socks go with my outfit?” These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself before leaving the house. After all, when you look good, you boost your self-esteem and look more attractive and youthful, sporty and cool.

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