5 tips for bike commuters

These life hacks will turn your daily bike ride into a walk in the park

A skirt, flip-flops and a handbag aren’t exactly great for cycling. If you commute by bike every day, you need to make sure you’ve got the right gear. And we’re not just talking about your bike.

Happy Feet
Picking the right socks out of your drawer is just as vital as wearing the most suitable shoes. FOR.BICY knows how to make feet happy. Our innovative socks  fit to the foot’s shape instead of being tubular like traditional socks. Because socks should be like a second skin. Each sock is marked "left" or "right", to fit your feet snugly. The material is designed to keep feet dry, both on hot days or after an intense ride. You won’t even remember the meaning of the word “sweat”. With extra-thick padding protecting the heels, these socks cocoon the backs of your feet, too. Rubbing and blisters are a thing of the past!

Cycling to work: comfier than at the cinema
Let’s admit it: bicycle saddles aren’t the world’s comfiest seats. Long bike rides can take their toll the day after. And yet nobody likes turning up at work in professional cycling gear. Skin-tight cycling garments aren’t the most appropriate attire for work, even if your office is open to the business casual look. In an ideal world, you’d wear your favourite jeans or shorts, combined with the comfy padding of cycling shorts. Well, FOR.BICY has the answer: boxer shorts with removable gel pad! Enjoy the pad’s cushioned comfort on your ride to work, then once there, remove it in one simple move before sitting down at your desk to work.

Make the rain your cycling buddy
When choosing a t-shirt, people generally look for something breathable, comfy and stretchy - typical sportswear features. But unfortunately you can’t always have hot, sunny days to enjoy. If you rise in the morning to skies overcast with giant grey clouds outside your window, prepare yourself for rain. But fear wind and bad weather no more with the JACPACK waterproof jacket : you’ll reach work perfectly dry and looking smart.

The perfect backpack for cyclists: I ride my bike to work and take with me... packed lunch, everything I need for my job and a change of clothes. All conveniently stowed in the perfect backpack. The JACPACK BACKPACK  is perfectly shaped to fit so snugly against your back that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. And the same goes for the waterproof jacket built into the backpack. The JACPACK BACKPACK is no conventional backpack. The waterproof JACPACK jacket inside is really easy to extract, so you can cover your top half. Just a few simple moves are needed to shelter yourself from the rain.

Be stylish on your bike, too
Functionality, breathable materials and good padding are essential, but so is another must-have feature, and it’s perhaps even more important: style. To give it your best on your bike, you need to feel your best, and that includes how you look. That’s why FOR.BICY attaches so much importance to aesthetics, design and a sporty, casual look. Essential for all you trend-following bike commuters out there.

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