Mission & Vision

Our mission

Making Busy Lives Better

FOR.BICY brings style, comfort and convenience to active lives, everywhere. In a world of fast moving consumer goods – and increasingly fast moving people – FOR.BICY takes the time to slow right down. Why? To consider what’s really needed for busy lives, and provide the solution.

Our mission

Products With Purpose

At FOR.BICY, we’re in pursuit of what lies beyond the predictable, breaking through the realms of ‘just another product’ and bringing to market unique products crafted from innovative ideas, set apart through purpose-meets-stylish design, to deliver ease and enjoyment to day-to-day living.

Our mission

FOR.BICY Is The Solution (With Style)

Simple in their design yet technically advanced, our products champion looking and feeling good on the go.

While seasonal trends pass, FOR.BICY style is infinite, and with functionality that speaks the language of active people, our products provide answers to everyday barriers – blending seamlessly into busy lives.

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