Green commuting: Why you too should go to work by bike!

Urban cycling combines sport and lifestyle. Green commuting is a megatrend. People who go to work by bike today are doing something good for themselves and for the environment. And it’s even more fun when you use the right equipment.

What if someone told you that, in only one morning, you could save our planet, train your body and maximise your well-being? Or that you could start your work week on a Monday with a smile on your face and not spending your time in traffic jams? You wouldn’t believe a word of it. Think again! In fact, the key to happiness is probably already in your basement or on your balcony: it is your bike!
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The benefits of commuting by bike are obvious: by choosing the greenest means of transport, not only you can cycle straight through traffic jams, but at the same time you minimise noise, dirt and fumes. However, having your daily commute to work by bike not only has environmental benefits, it also brings a lot of benefits to you personally!

Green commuting: A cool headwind replaces coffee

Enjoying nature and fresh air, feeling the hustle and bustle of the city close at hand, being revived by the cool headwind – imagine how refreshed you’ll be when you start your working day! Tired eyes and sluggishness are a thing of the past, because fresh air will replace your first coffee. If you’ve already covered a few miles in the morning, you’ve completed your first workout and your motivation to face the rest of your day will also be increased. You’ll also notice a positive effect on your concentration level. Being able to focus on difficult tasks for a long time and achieve maximum performance at work all day long is boosted by completing a bike ride in the morning.

No need to change your clothes: With these cycling shorts you can work being practical and comfortable

The benefits of urban cycling: Cycling to a healthy life

Commuting by bike also guarantees you health benefits through daily exercise: Doing sports for at least 30 minutes every day, even if it’s just a leisurely bike ride, prevents today’s diseases such as obesity, diabetes and circulatory disorders. Of course, the improvements to your appearance in terms of a tighter bottom or well-trained thighs are also not to be underestimated. Having a more athletic body makes you feel better.

Cycling to work: Your wallet will thank you.

Be honest: how many unnecessary minutes and hours do you waste each week looking for parking? It’s precious time that you could instead replace with leisurely bike laps in the park. Then there’s the small change that goes towards fuel – for this money, you could easily buy functional and very stylish bike clothing. The cost of parking, bus or train tickets is also saved. After all, riding your bike to work is completely free.

Urban cycling as a lifestyle: Hip and cool

We haven’t even mentioned one of the most obvious benefits of riding a bike to work: How cool and hip is it these days to cruise through the city on two wheels, with one of those casual backpacks on your back  and well-toned calves bringing you to work? Save the planet and become a trendsetter. For the route, you have the products from For.Bicy that support you with functionality and style.

Are you still not cycling to work yet? So, let’s go! And get yourself the right equipment – right here! 

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